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Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag!

January 9, 2008

This is a Dutch shout-out to my husband, Wessel. It’s his 44th birthday. I don’t think he minds me giving his age, but maybe I should have asked first. One of the things I love about living with a Dutch person is they love their birthdays. I’m a big birthday gal, too. For my 50th last month, Wessel decorated my office with all sorts of “Sarah” things. She’s the wise woman who leads the Dutch women into their 50s. (The men are led by Abraham.) The other great thing about Dutch birthday celebrations is that folks congratulate not just the birthday boy or girl, but the entire family. This cracks me up, but I think it’s a great tradition. So, gefeliciteerd to me and the Family Kok, too! One of my favorite sites is the Dutch Word of the Day, to which one can subscribe and be emailed a word a day. I love learning a new Dutch word every day. Now if only I could remember them! Kusjes, Wessel!