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Wire-haired wonder

January 11, 2008

Fluffy Puppies, a doggie-themed gift shop in Clearwater, Fla., has a nice display of canine topiaries from Green Piece Wire Art outside its store. topiary dachshund with mossOf course we gravitated toward the dachshund. While this wiener ($88!) won’t greet you with a wagging tail, it also won’t bark at everything that moves or sully the lawn. I never was a big fan of wire-haired wieners, but this is the sort I could grow to love. I should add that the first topiary “dachshund” Wessel pointed out to me was actually a Bassett hound. Hon! My cat-loving husband still needs a little help in the dachshund department, but bless him for trying (and for processing my photographs).