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You never sausage a place!

March 21, 2008

I’m turning over this entry to Wessel, who was inspired to write about his favorite meal in San Diego.  But, first, a tip o’ the hat to whomever came up with the “sausage” line that I appropriated from this South of the Border billboard. — Diane

The Linkery restaurant logoDiane sent me an email the night I arrived in San Diego on business with a subject line that read: “Linkery review: you should go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Yes, there were 15 exclamation marks. The article from the San Diego Union-Tribune was a rave report of The Linkery a neighborhood restaurant in North Park, just north of Balboa Park and a few miles northeast of downtown.

To be honest, I didn’t give it much attention until Diane pressed further the next day. Then I mentioned the restaurant to my travel mate and colleague Donald, who likes to check out interesting restaurants wherever he goes. At first he was skeptical because the place was off the beaten path, but when I mentioned that the Linkery specializes in homemade sausages, his eyes lit up. Donald hails from German stock and loves sausages, as do I.

Donald reads the chalkboard of the Linkery restaurantThe restaurant is in the 1913 Lynhurst Building at the intersection of 30th and Upas streets, a small commercial district in a residential neighborhood of homes from the early 1900s. When we arrived just after 7 p.m.,  a waiting list had just started (reservations aren’t taken). Sausages and selected beers were announced on the chalkboard near the door.

The place had a funky feel to it, with richly colored walls, paintings by local artists, and artsy lights hanging from the ceiling. The wall of fame near the entrance was decorated with framed reviews from top American food magazines and newspapers. The tables and chairs were from simple wood with small candles for decoration.

We started with a mixed organic salad. Donald politely observed that I had taken possession of all the beet slices, his favorite part of the salad. I reluctantly forked over his portion. We bothSignature plate with choucroute selected the Linkery “signature plate” with sausage links and choucroute. I had the three-link plate, with Fresh Polish, Chicken Mango, and Chile Colorado sausages; Donald had two of those. The meat and my Captain Stout on tap made for a wonderful festival of flavors, enhanced by nostril-tingling hot honey mustard.

Our servers were very attentive and contagiously cheerful. They enticed us to have coffee with a truffle for dessert. The truffle was served with a slice of blood orange. The truffle looked like a partially molten amorphous dark marshmallow. However, the taste was quite defined, with a nice crispy layer covering a deep-dark chocolate core. That was quite the treat.

Donald and I concluded that The Linkery was the culinary highlight of our trip, and we look forward to Diane’s next suggestion.