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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Lois Lane!

July 30, 2010

The Noel Neill (Lois Lane) statue was officially unveiled on June 11, 2010 (source: Fox2Now).

Superman’s gal-pal Lois Lane finally got her due in Metropolis, when the Illinois city erected a statue to honor Lois, a.k.a. actress Noel Neill.

Being a reporter myself, I couldn’t help but wonder where Lois was when we stopped by Metropolis in 2007. As much as I missed her, I did get a little sidetracked posing in goofy super-cutouts. Wessel, too, kept mugging for the camera. Who can resist?

The famous Giant Superman Statue

We were in awe of the giant 15-foot Superman statue, which you’ll find by following the signs to the “Giant Superman Statue” in Superman Square next to the Super Museum and souvenir shop.

The city of 6,500 on the banks of the Ohio River grows by leaps and bounds every June, when some 30,000 Superman nuts, I mean fans, fly in to celebrate the Man of Steel. Superlatives abound and costumes are donned. I’m sorry we missed it. Sort of.

Diane as her professional alter ego

One attendee for years has been Noel Neill herself, and this year she was the star attraction. I’m impressed that at 88 she would even attend such a madcap event. She was there for the unveiling of the statue, on June 11. More than 300 bricks surround it, engraved with donors’ names.

Next up for Noel is fans are trying to pull a Betty White by using a Facebook page to beg the producers of “Smallville” to put Noel/Lois on a segment next year, its 10th and final season. It’s about time, I say!

Wessel will need all his Superman strength for the upcoming week

In other unrelated news, Wessel and I will need Superman-size strength next week when we cycle some 200 miles of the C&O Canal rail trail. Yes, it’s flat, but consider that we will be carrying our own gear, and, much worse, we are sooooo out of shape because every time we planned to do a training ride it would either rain or the temps would soar to 100. So, keep us in your thoughts and keep the kryptonite away!