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License (plates) to thrill

November 19, 2008

Have you ever been tooling up the highway in, say, Boston, Miami or Chicago, and you pass a car with an Alaska license plate? Too cool! A few weeks ago, I saw a Hawaii plate on a car in North Carolina. Even cooler! (Warmer?)

License plate from Lithuania issued before it joined the European Union in 2004

This car came to Norway from Lithuania.

It reminded me how this past summer when we were bicycling on Lofoten, an archipelago in Norway, above the arctic circle, we spotted some rather exotic plates.

License plate from Norway

Of course we saw mostly Norwegian plates

Of course there was the usual abundance of French, Dutch, and German road-tripping tourists. Any worldwide traveler knows that the German and Dutch go everywhere. And of course the Scandanavian drivers were in full force as well, including drivers from Finland.

License plate from Iceland

This Icelandic plate was the one farthest from Norway that we spotted

But the other more faraway plates included Italy, Spain, Poland, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania and …. Iceland! That’s one of the many great things about international travel — spotting other international travelers.

Another interesting thing about Norway’s own plates — they have special ones for electric cars and hydrogen-powered cars.  Perhaps that’s something we’ll start see in the good ol’ gas-guzzling USA some day. 

License plates electric (left) and hydrogen car (Norway)

License plates from an electric (left) and hydrogen-powered car (Norway); Click on image to read Diane's story on electric cars for Ode Magazine