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A small-town parade to remember

July 10, 2011

I’d heard that Montreat, NC, has a special July Fourth parade, so when we happened to be staying in nearby Black Mountain (at the awesome Inn on Mill Creek), we had to check out the parade. Wow, was it packed, but well worth the effort. Montreat is an odd little place in the mountains. Its most famous resident is the Rev. Billy Graham. I wonder if he ever marched in the parade. I’m guessing yes.

We were worried that Ms. Statue of Liberty (left) was going to hit a power line she was so high up. The other Ms. Liberty (aka Diane) stayed on the ground, though Sabrina got the royal treatment because she was so dang slow.

We loved that they used the parade to hawk the used book sale.

These three yellow labs seemed very happy to wow the crowd.

A lot of residents put on goofy gear and walked the route. Simple and sweet.

We wondered how the bow would bounce when Flicka did her business.

Just in case you were wondering....