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The best bicycle calendar in the world

December 31, 2008

Yes, indeed, the International Bicycle Fund’s annual “Cycle and Recycle Calendar” is the best bike calendar in the world. 

Cover page of Bicycle Solidarity Calendar 2009

Cover of Bicycle Solidarity Calendar 2009

First, the “recycle” part.  The folks at IBF, who also offer awesome cycling tours worldwide and tons of other cool programs, stress that the calendar can be used again and again. For instance, I’m waiting to use my 2007 calendar again in 2018 and 2029. Of course finding it will be the challenge.

March 2009 page

March 2009 calendar page

The “Solidarity Calendar 2009” is a full-color wall calendar that celebrates the bike as an everyday transportation vehicle throughout the world. Months include remarkable photos of the bicycle as art and utility, along with bike-related captions, quotations and illustrations. It is a perfect gift for any bicyclist.  The 2009 edition conveys a bicycle culture without borders — from the roads of Vietnam, Cuba and the Philippines, to bicycle landscapes and lifestyles of Indonesia, Ghana, Peru and Japan.

October 2009 calendar page

October 2009 calendar page

This year’s calendar is published by Cyclo Nord-Sud, costs $15 (discounts for multiples) and proceeds support bicycling.  IBF is a nonprofit (based in Seattle), so your payment is even tax-deductible. Order before Jan. 7, as their office will go virtual for a few weeks — on two wheels, I’m guessing.