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A short tale (tail?) of a long-dog tee

January 23, 2010

Kids’ version of the wiener-dog shirt designed by Piper + Olive

I’m always on the lookout for cool and clever wiener-dog T-shirts, etc. Much of the stuff out there is not to my liking. 

Well, the good news is I found one for kids that I adore from a new design company in Philadelphia called Piper + Olive. The bad news is P+O is phasing out its adult line. You can order the kids’ version online ($26) or from a store that carries Piper + Olive. All their designs are pretty snazzy, but of course I favor the clever dachshund print.

Sabrina is sad this shirt doesn't fit Mommy

This leads me to part two of the tail, I mean tale. My dear husband managed to special-order the adult version for my birthday. Unfortunately, it’s way too small for me. As you can see in the photo, Sabrina is very disappointed about this. 

Turns out these American Apparel Classic Girl tees run very small. Mine is long-sleeved and a hoodie. Very styling! It’s a medium that fits a size 4-6. (I’m a 10-12!) Because it was a special order, it can’t be easily returned. So if anyone wants to purchase it, I’d be thrilled. Price: $36. I’ll snail-mail in the US (I’m in NC) for free. Contact me directly if you’re interested. 

If you know of any great dachshund tees, please share in the comment section or email me and I’ll post them. Happy shopping!

My new favorite wine is wienerful!

December 19, 2009

I have a new favorite wine — the most wienerful wine in the world! Alas, from what I can tell, it’s not available in making its way throughout the Northeast and, soonish (2011/12) across the United States. I’m counting on my readers to investigate and report back.

I spotted the French wine Longue-Dog Grenache Syrah while checking out wines in the Netherlands, at the Super de Boer, a basic Dutch supermarket chain (just bought by Jumbo, FYI). I screamed, in that way that I do when I see something so wienerfully wonderful.

Here are the things I love about Longue-Dog. First, the dachshund, duh. Its image is not only stretched across the front of the label but continues around the back. Snazzy. There’s also a cute little wiener head on the neck label.

Longue-Dog Grenache Syrah, the most wienerful wine in the world

The name, too, is fun. It’s a play on words — for the Languedoc region of France. Languedoc, in the south, supplies a third of the country’s grapes and is France’s largest wine region — though its least known. I assume (but don’t know) that Longue-Dog comes from Languedoc grapes. Apparently the region is trying to become more known by consumers.

I have a brilliant idea. Start selling Longue-Dog in the United States. That would bring tail wags all around!

The bottle label has a tail-wagging part two

According to the small print on the back of the label, Longue-Dog is made by Boutinot, a wine producer and distributor based in the UK and started by Frenchman Paul Boutinot. I emailed Boutinot’s customer service address, but didn’t hear a bark back. (UPDATE Jan 22, 2010: Heard from Boutinot today. They’re “nearing” a launch in US. Yee-haw! )

Can anyone help, s’il vous plait?

And a Happy Hallowiener to you!

October 30, 2009

Like the Great Pumpkin rising again, we bring you the Hallowiener wiener dogs, Sabrina the Good Witch and Roxy the Great Pumpkin, canine style. There’s really nothing more to say that hasn’t already been said here. It’s a Hallowiener tradition!

Sabrina the Good Witch



In NC mountains, Bella stays low to the ground

October 17, 2008
Dachshund Bella with her human companion

Dachshund Bella with her human companion

I met Bella on my way back to the car after touring the Warren Wilson College garden and farm in Swannanoa, NC. Her mom says she’s a “fierce guard dog,” though she was pretty shy when I encountered her. In fact, she wouldn’t look at me for a photo no matter how many times I called her name.

Bella’s lucky number is 7. She’s 7 years old and lives on 7 acres of land in this beautiful area in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Lucky girl! Her mom says their walk on this gorgeous warm, sunny October day was not for Bella, but for Mom, as Bella gets in her own workout daily, tracking down varmints and what-not.

You never sausage a place, part 2

August 5, 2008

Pedro at South of the Border

I really am not the type to steal headlines because, well, it’s not right and, honestly, I think I come up with pretty good ones of my own. But I’m stealing this one, for yet a second time, because it’s just so dang meaty.

Credit goes to the ad folks/billboard writers for South of the Border in Dillon County, South Carolina, which is absolutely one of the tackiest tourist traps known to humankind. It’s on I-95, just south of the NC line, I’m proud to report. Because as a North Carolinian, I’m glad it’s not in my state.

Thirty years ago I thought it was kinda cool in its kitschy-ness, but now I think it’s just kinda sad. Not to mention discriminatory against Hispanics, with its Pedro mascots and billboards that often mock Hispanic pronunciations. (“Cool eet with Pedro.”)

Petite Roxy on top of giant wiener dog statue (Click to ENLARGE)

Petite Roxy on top of giant wiener dog statue (Click to ENLARGE)

But, it does have its brilliant moments. Other than its “You never sausage a place” billboard, my favorite South of the Border offering has to be this giant wiener dog statue, which Wessel spotted next to the hot dog stand on the 350-acre complex. My sweet little Roxy (“the foxy doxy with moxy”) was game to hang out atop the humongous hot dog because she agrees there are certain photo ops that simply should not be passed up. And so she posed, with relish.

Long (dog) weekends at NC beaches

July 15, 2008

We’ve been out and about at two North Carolina islands over the past couple months and danged if we didn’t have wiener dog sightings at both. Very exciting! (Admittedly, not everyone shares my enthusiasm in this department.)

Maddie a brown and red dapple dachshund from Rock Hill, SC

Maddie a brown and red dapple dachshund from Rock Hill, SC

On Bald Head Island, a car-free community I wrote about for Budget Travel (July issue) and the Boston Globe (coming up), we met 2-year-old Maddie from Rock Hill, South Carolina. She’s a red dapple dachshund, not a common blend. Wessel had never seen a dapple before, which is spotted like a Dalmatian and not to be confused with a piebald coat, which has a more blotchy beagle pattern.

Maddie a brown and red dapple dachshund from Rock Hill, SC with human companion Cortnee Rushlow

Maddie with human companion Cortnee Rushlow

Maddie’s human companions are Cortnee and Chad Rushlow, who said Maddie is mad about the beach. Bald Head Island is so dog friendly that canines are allowed to hang 10. Poop-scoop bags are at every one of its more than 40 public beach access points. Really, I don’t understand why more beaches don’t allow dogs, at least one day a week or something like that. OK, I do understand the No. 1 and No. 2 reasons, but, dangit all, dogs love the beach, and so do their humans!

Jean and Chris Frey with Stumpy and Morgan

Jean and Chris Frey with Stumpy and Morgan

And, yes, there are some other enlightened communities, such as Oak Island, where we went over Fourth of July weekend, just for fun! Wessel first spotted Morgan, 6, a black-and-tan male, and Stumpy, 8, a red male, zipping along the shore pulling their humans while we were relaxing in our beach chairs. I bolted up, grabbing paper, pen, and camera and rushed over to introduce myself to Jean and Chris Frey of Havre de Grace, Maryland. They were vacationing in a pet-friendly house right on the beach. Lucky dogs, all of ’em! We stayed in a house that doesn’t allow pets, so poor Roxy and Sabrina had to stay home.

Stumpy pulling his human companion on the beach

Stumpy pulling his human companion on the beach

The Freys, long-time dachshund devotees, recently had adopted Morgan and Stumpy through Dachshund Rescue of North America after losing two other beloved dachshunds the year before. Like me, they subscribe to the dachshund lovers’ creed: “you can’t have just one.” The low-riding pooches looked sooooo cute trotting down the beach, with specks of sand sticking to their noses and bellies.

Øskår Mæyer? My first Norsk dachshund

June 10, 2008

Shira of NorwayWe met Shira, a three-year-old long-haired dachshund, on the grounds of the Natural History Museum in Oslo. Her aunt and uncle were house/pet sitting while mom and dad were on a weekend getaway. We struck up a conversation while they strolled through the lovely botanical gardens connected to the University of Oslo and near the Munch Museum.

Shira was very friendly, as were her humans. Shoot, I just realized that I forgot to ask them what the Norwegian word is for dachshund. Does anyone know?

Since meeting Shira, we’ve spied two wire-haired wiener dogs, but I wasn’t in the mood to stop the owners for a chat and a photo. Maybe next time.


Weigh-in 3 for Biggest Loser: Wiener-Dog Style

May 16, 2008

Sabrina works out at homeSabrina is downright svelte these days! Her latest weight is a mere 13.6 pounds, which is exactly what she was back in September before her excursion in obesity. She’s lost 4 pounds since we adopted her from Dachshund Rescue of North America in early March. That’s a whopping 23 percent loss in her body weight!

Opa with Sabrina on couchWhile I thought Briner the Wiener’s ideal weight would be around 12 pounds, I’m thinking now that it’s more like 13. She’s a sturdy girl, with a big chest and head, a head she loves to rest on people’s laps. Her favorite lap apparently belongs to her “Opa,” Karel, who with “Oma” Francis visited from the Netherlands a couple weeks ago. The minute he would sit on the couch, Sabrina was there, ready to snuggle.

Oma and Opa walk Roxy and SabrinaSabrina’s diet tips? The usual. Less food and more exercise. She loves to run on her own in the yard, and enjoys getting out for a walk, especially when she goes with sister Roxy the Doxy and gets to be led by Oma and Opa. While Roxy is the almost-perfect little heeler, Sabrina feels the need to stop and sniff at everything. Opa indulged her in these detours quite a bit. In fact, I think he kind of fell in love with Sabrina.

Sabrina in stubborn modeWhen I take her out, however, she can get very stubborn, running on her lead one minute and then sitting down and refusing to budge the next. It’s the oddest thing. And it’s not because she’s tired, as she’ll pop back up when she’s good and ready and start trotting about again. I think she’s just asserting herself, something I can relate to. 

Sabrina, the wonder wiener

March 14, 2008

Back in my pet heyday, before I met Wessel, I was living (and of course sleeping) with three dachshunds and two cats. I am nuts for those wiener dogs, which we had when I was a kid. Well, Uncle died in 2005, at age 18, then my 14-year-old lovable Lucy died this past November. It was just Roxy and me. Roxy was thrilled to have me to herself, but I found myself one day looking at the website for Dachshund Rescue of North America.Sabrina; photo from Dachshund Rescue of North America I saw a dog that looked a lot like Lucy, a red-haired short hair with a graying muzzle. Well, I’ve always said about the wiener dogs: “you can’t have just one.” And so now there are two again: Roxy, 13, and Sabrina, 8. After a test weekend, Brina came to us for good on Leap Year Day. Well, first I had to pass a home inspection, fill out a lengthy questionnaire and have my wiener-dog references checked. Me! The Wiener Woman! [Click on image to read story] I mean I have an entire room devoted to the breed. But truly I was impressed by the seriousness of the adoption process.

Brina is a total sweetie, always smiling and wagging her tail. SheDachshunds Roxy (left) and newbie Sabrina tries to engage Roxy in play, but Roxy isn’t that interested. Maybe one day. Brina ignored our cat, Q-Kitty, until the day I officially signed her adoption papers. Then she started to chase Q. Now Q chases Brina out in the yard, so it’s a fair deal. They clearly enjoy their little game.

Dachshund Sabrina enjoys the sunBut here’s the thing about Sabrina: she’s a porker. An overstuffed sausage. A block o’ dach. The adoption listing said she weighed about 11 pounds, which would be about right for her build. Well, she gained a bit of weight, like 7 pounds, between being saved from near death at a dog shelter in Jacksonville, Fla., to being loved to death by her rescuers in North Carolina. Let me say that the dachshund rescue volunteers  here did wonderful things for her, caring for her and seeing her through spaying, tumor surgery and dental surgery. But I’m particularly obsessed with keeping my dogs’ weights down because of the breed’s propensity for back problems. So now, Sabrina is on a Big Fat Diet. We’ll chart her progress here: Greatest Loser, Wiener-Dog Style.

So welcome home, Sabrina! We promise to shower you with love, if not food!

Wire-haired wonder

January 11, 2008

Fluffy Puppies, a doggie-themed gift shop in Clearwater, Fla., has a nice display of canine topiaries from Green Piece Wire Art outside its store. topiary dachshund with mossOf course we gravitated toward the dachshund. While this wiener ($88!) won’t greet you with a wagging tail, it also won’t bark at everything that moves or sully the lawn. I never was a big fan of wire-haired wieners, but this is the sort I could grow to love. I should add that the first topiary “dachshund” Wessel pointed out to me was actually a Bassett hound. Hon! My cat-loving husband still needs a little help in the dachshund department, but bless him for trying (and for processing my photographs).