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One wiener dog is never enough

February 26, 2009
Sabrina feels totally comfy in almost any situation

Sabrina wastes no time getting comfy in her new home

Following the wiener-dog lover’s credo of “you can’t have just one,” Wessel and I adopted 8-year-old Sabrina from Dachshund Rescue a few months after my late, great Lucy met her maker. Roxy, my 14-year-old angel, took it all in stride. That was a year ago this weekend. We loved Sabrina immediately, but we had a problem. She weighed in at 18 pounds, when she should have been much less. At the time I wrote: “She’s a porker. An overstuffed sausage. A block o’ dach.”

Pet portret Q-kitty (left), Sabrina the Briener, Roxy the Doxy

Pet portrait: Q-kitty, 'Briner the Wiener, and Roxy (the foxy doxy with moxy)

Being overweight is good for no one, but for the wiener dog it can be fatal, as their short legs and loooong backs aren’t made to carry a big load. So, as I recounted in “The Biggest Loser: Wiener Dog Style” entries (part 1, part 2, part 3), we put ‘Briner the Wiener (hat’s off to Krispy for our favorite moniker) on a breakthrough diet. You know the one: eat less, exercise more. For months now, Sabrina has been holding steady at a svelte 12 pounds. She looks mahvelous.

Roxy and Sabrina are completely relaxed during a kayak trip in Virginia

Roxy and Sabrina take a break from their naps during a kayak trip in Virginia

Sabrina has fit right in with the family, too. One minute she’s playfully barking at and chasing Q-Kitty, while the next they’re side by side on a pillow. She even allows Q to give her a Q Signature Tongue Bath on the top of her head. As for Roxy, unless she and Sabrina are arguing over who gets what treat first, they get along swimmingly. Not that they like to swim, but they do love to go kayaking.

Sabrina shows off her new obedience skills during the graduation ceremony

"Sit... stay.... good girl!" Sabrina earns her graduation cap at PetSmart ceremony

During our first glorious year together, I had one more challenge for Sabrina: learning a few manners. Sabrina wasn’t out of control, but she wasn’t controllable either. Taking a dog to obedience class is one of the best ways to bond with your pet, plus dogs like to know the rules. Thanks to Rhonda at the Durham PetSmart and us doing our homework, Sabrina became a model student. Her “sit-and-stay” is smashing, though her “come” can admittedly use a little work. Still, Sabrina was a star pupil and absolutely earned her diploma in “beginner education.” Not only can you teach an old dog new tricks, they can teach you stuff, too. Like, you’re never too old to fall in love. Happy anniversary, Sabrina!

Happy Hallowiener from the costumed clan

October 29, 2008

Another Oct. 31, another excuse to costume your canine. OK, black cats can play, too, but don’t even try to put a silly hat on them.

We give you these amazing photos from the Oct. 31 gallery. I was going to wait until the big day itself, but why delay the fun?!

Sabrina is ready to cast another spell

Sabrina is ready to cast another spell

Sabrina, who we adopted earlier this year from Dachshund Rescue of North America, came with this witch costume (you baby-boomers know that Sabrina was Samantha’s sister on “Bewitched”). But back then, ‘Briner the Wiener was such a porker that she couldn’t squeeze into it. Now, after successfully reconnecting with her svelte self, it fits her beautifully. Don’t you think?

Roxy as the Great Pumpkin

Roxy as the Great Pumpkin

Roxy has trick-or-treated as The Great Pumpkin for a decade now. Her favorite Hallowieners were spent at The Boston Home in Dorchester, Mass., where we visited residents weekly. Everyone loved Roxy any time of the year, but they were especially fond of her in this getup.

Q-Kitty on top of statue for Uncle

Q-Kitty perches atop Uncle's grave marker.

Starting life as a feral feline, Q-Kitty went into a shelter and then a foster home without being adopted, probably because she’s black. Animal shelters say that black cats are the last to be adopted, but Wessel saw the beauty and lightness in Q, whose official name is Quincy Hull Daniel Kok. Hence, Q-Kitty.

Here Q sits atop the grave marker for our late, great long-haired wiener dog Uncle. The wonderful cement sculpture was given to me by its creator, NC artist Forrest Greenslade.

Q-Kitty, crime-solver extraordinaire

Q-Kitty, crime-solver extraordinaire

When Q is indoors, she likes to catch up on her reading — when she’s not bugging the wiener dogs. Here she reads her favorite scary book, “Mew is for Murder,” written by my former Boston Globe colleague and cat-crazed author Clea Simon.

For some reason, Q is not as partial to our favorite seasonal book, “The Hallo-Wiener” by Oregonian Dav Pilkey. Dav’s description of his adorable children’s book: “A humorous Halloween story finds the mortified dachshund Oscar dressing up as a hot dog for Halloween and having to save the day, proving to his snickering friends that while he may be short on height, he is long on heart.”

On that note, Happy Hallowiener to all! And stay tuned for crazy Christmas costumes!