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Where to find Perfection

June 8, 2009
Perfection, Craven County NC (photo Lessew)

And suddenly there it was ... Perfection

Who says you can’t find Perfection? Wessel and I have. It’s right here along NC Highway 55 in Craven County, North Carolina, only 55 miles from Atlantic Beach, on, you guessed it, the Atlantic Ocean.

I first stumbled onto Perfection last year, but my photo wasn’t so, um, perfect. Better to leave that part to Wessel. Of course he was ready with his four cameras when we passed Perfection last month during research for my farm guidebook.

Sunset at Atlantic Beach, close to Perfection

Sunset at Atlantic Beach is close to Perfection, don't you agree?

Perfection, it turns out, doesn’t contain much more than farmland and a few houses at the crossroad of Highway 55 and Ashbury Road. We discovered that Perfection had its own post office from 1888 to 1903, but that’s all the information we could dig up.

So the next time you’re seeking Perfection, you know where to look.