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Where all signs point to a laugh

February 3, 2009

Wessel and I were inspired by the new book “Caution: Funny Signs Ahead,” by the fun folks at  Most of their examples are “accidentally entertaining,” such as the Dead End sign on Cemetery Lane. We’ve kept the spirit of that, mostly, with these entries.

Eternity - smoking or non-smoking; Greensboro, NC

Churches, like this one in Greensboro, NC, have the best play-on-word signs

Roxy is convinced she doesn't have to be leashed

Roxy cleverly covers the "un" at this NC state park so as not to get busted

Apache Junction, AZ

Despite the name of this park in Arizona, we found the Dutchman

Warning - Exposure to the son may prevent burning; Durham, NC

Another great message from above, in Durham, NC

Familie style restaurant Sherry's, featuring southern accents; Ramseur, NC

And let me just say, y'all, they're not kidding here in Ramseur, NC

Gifts, Books, Fatback; New River Trail SP, VA

A peck of peaches and a pound of fatback to go, please, in Galax, Va.