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Weigh-in 3 for Biggest Loser: Wiener-Dog Style

May 16, 2008

Sabrina works out at homeSabrina is downright svelte these days! Her latest weight is a mere 13.6 pounds, which is exactly what she was back in September before her excursion in obesity. She’s lost 4 pounds since we adopted her from Dachshund Rescue of North America in early March. That’s a whopping 23 percent loss in her body weight!

Opa with Sabrina on couchWhile I thought Briner the Wiener’s ideal weight would be around 12 pounds, I’m thinking now that it’s more like 13. She’s a sturdy girl, with a big chest and head, a head she loves to rest on people’s laps. Her favorite lap apparently belongs to her “Opa,” Karel, who with “Oma” Francis visited from the Netherlands a couple weeks ago. The minute he would sit on the couch, Sabrina was there, ready to snuggle.

Oma and Opa walk Roxy and SabrinaSabrina’s diet tips? The usual. Less food and more exercise. She loves to run on her own in the yard, and enjoys getting out for a walk, especially when she goes with sister Roxy the Doxy and gets to be led by Oma and Opa. While Roxy is the almost-perfect little heeler, Sabrina feels the need to stop and sniff at everything. Opa indulged her in these detours quite a bit. In fact, I think he kind of fell in love with Sabrina.

Sabrina in stubborn modeWhen I take her out, however, she can get very stubborn, running on her lead one minute and then sitting down and refusing to budge the next. It’s the oddest thing. And it’s not because she’s tired, as she’ll pop back up when she’s good and ready and start trotting about again. I think she’s just asserting herself, something I can relate to. 

Weigh-in Two for Biggest Loser: Wiener-Dog Style

April 15, 2008

You can see it in her walk, you can hear it in her bark; Sabrina is proud of herself. Sabrina does her yoga exercise on the deckAs she should be! On March 21, she weighed 17.6; on March 31, she was down to 15.2, and today, drum roll …… Sabrina weighs in at 14.4. The dawg is going down! And speaking of down, check out her amazing “downward-facing dog” yoga pose. If a dog can’t do it right, who can? (I know, I know, there’s no “right way” in yoga.)

I was a bit concerned that when we were in Washington state last week for five days that our dog-sitter, Gator (hey, it’s the South), would fatten ‘Briner the Wiener up. Gator has been known to spoil the pets a bit, though I must qualify that she is way into animal health. But the last time we returned from a long trip, even our skinny little Q-Kitty had porked out! But Gator does take her job seriously, and when I told her we were on a mission, she readily obliged. As it turned out, I was the only one to gain weight while away — a blubbery 3 pounds. Ugh.

As for Sabrina, stay tuned for more (or less?) of Biggest Loser: Wiener-Dog Style. Meanwhile, Brina has some more yoga postures to work through. You should hear her “ommmmm….”

Weigh-in One for Biggest Loser: Wiener-Dog Style

March 31, 2008

Let’s hear it for the girl! A mere two weeks ago Sabrina’s first weigh-in clocked her at 17.6 pounds, when she should weigh around 12 pounds. Today’s results: 15.2 pounds! She lost 2.4 pounds, or almost 14 percent of her body blubber. We are so proud of her!

Sabrina’s weigh-inHow did she lose it? The only way that works for all living creatures: fewer calories and more exercise. To keep her happy, we give her healthy snacks, such as small pieces of carrots, green peppers, and broccoli stalks. The cool thing to see is that as Sabrina sheds ounces, she gets friskier and therefore runs around more on her own. It’s a wiener win-win.

Sabrina’s weigh-inOur little exercise, pardon the pun, has also helped stimulate the national economy. Our scale was old-school and displayed in kilograms (it belongs to Dutchman Wessel), so I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyoyoyoyoyond and bought (using one of their ubiquitous discount coupons) an electronic digital scale ($30) that can be set on pounds or kilograms. Sabrina even likes to sit on it!

To be fair to Sabrina, we thought we should divulge the weight of everyone in the household as of March 30, 2008. Roxy the Doxy: 10.4 pounds. Q-Kitty the cat: 7.6 pounds. Wessel, the human: 158 pounds. Diane the human: 147 pounds. (PS: I’m very tall.) (PSS: Why do women always freak about their weight? As if I don’t know.)

As for Sabrina, stay tuned for more (or less?) of Biggest Loser: Wiener-Dog Style.