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Well, gollllly, Andy, it’s been a great 50 years

September 30, 2010

The all-American classic “The Andy Griffith Show” made its debut on Oct. 3, 1960, and went on to become one of the most enduring (in our hearts) sitcoms in television history. The fictional setting of Mayberry, North Carolina, was inspired by the real town of Mount Airy, where star Andy Griffith grew up. We visited the mini-Mayberry last year. Griffith, 84, now lives in Manteo, on the coast, and has become a spokesman for all things Democratic. Go Andy! We here in NC love our Sheriff Taylor, and here are some photos to prove it.

Diane kisses Opie (played by Ron Howard), son of sheriff Taylor (on left). The statues are in the NC capital of Raleigh.

Classic Ford Galaxie squad car cruises Main Street in Mount Airy

On left, the Snappy Lunch, credited as the only existing local business mentioned on the TV show; on right, Barney Fife, on duty 24 hours a day

Floyd's owner, Russell Hiatt, stays busy cutting the hair of locals and tourists