Just who the heck are “we”?

“We” are writer Diane Daniel and photographer Lina Kok. We live in Durham, North Carolina, USA, where Diane is a freelance journalist and Lina is a science geek by day and photography geek otherwise. Email Diane or learn more at www.bydianedaniel.com.

7 Responses to “Just who the heck are “we”?”

  1. Adriaan Vandersterre Says:

    I loved the articles. It must be a work of love since this blog is sooooo well done. Thank you for your efforts, and please keep it up.

  2. didaniel Says:

    Yes, a work of love, and of obsession. Thanks and dank u wel!

  3. Hans den Hertog Says:

    I love the articles as well. I came accross your site through your article on Gordon Hempton, who is a very interesting person.
    Being dutch I ‘went’ to the dutch category, curious as what you had to mention on us and I enjoyed your observations.
    It is so nice and inspiring to read what you put on the net; it enhances certainly the creativity of your readers I think.

    I suscribed to your daily updates and am curious to follow your writings.

    So for me ‘Thanks and dank u wel!’ as well !

    My best wishes to you and Wessel,

    Hans den Hertog, Lathum, NL

  4. Carson Crabtree Says:

    Hello my name is Carson,I’m 11 years old.Im very interested in going gliding with a tow plane, not hand gliding. I live in Texarkana, Arkansas and was wondering is there any way you can help me find the nearest place to go. My father has experienced this when he was 11 and we don’t know where find a place that has a bussiness. If there is any way you could help me find a location, I would be very thankful. Me and my father have been unsuccessful.

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