Happy Valentine’s to my favorite travel mate

It’s fitting that I met my soul mate at an airport, and on Valentine’s Day (2003), no less. Since then, together we’ve visited dozens of states and countries by air, car, bicycle, train, boat, and on foot. Our passion for exploring and our insatiable curiosity about the world around us are part of what brought us together and keep us together. Here’s our “how we met” story, if you’re interested. I will add that each of us traveled extensively on our own before meeting, and would have continued on that path, I’m sure. However you travel — as a family, couple, with friends, or solo — carry on! A new adventure awaits just around the corner!

4 Responses to “Happy Valentine’s to my favorite travel mate”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to a classic, loving couple.

  2. didaniel Says:

    Not sure about classic, but we are loving! Thanks, Lauren!

  3. Lina Kok Says:

    Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentine’s Day to my hon-bun! It has been a wonderful decade full of adventures. I’m looking forward to many more adventurous decades to come!
    Your forever-curious-and-adventurous soul mate.

  4. didaniel Says:

    Here we go, off into the second decade! xo

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