Frank N. Beans, our new item on the doxy menu

The Galloways say goodbye to Frank

It’s a boy! Actually, it’s an overweight old man! We adopted Frank N. Beans from the Wake County Animal Center in Raleigh, NC, on Sunday. The shelter gave him that name, and we feel compelled to keep it because it’s so ridiculous, plus it fits him. Though Frank had been abandoned at the shelter (left in a crate on the loading dock after hours), he was lucky enough to be taken into one of the shelter’s foster homes, so he recently had been living in the lap of luxury with the Galloways. Now’s he’s at his “forever home,” as they say in the dog adoption world.

The back story goes like this. After finally feeling ready for a second wiener dog after Roxy (the foxy doxy with moxy) left us in September 2010, I laid out my requirements: a miniature female, younger than five, black and tan coat. (I’ve adopted all seniors lately, and wanted a dog that would, hopefully, be my sidekick for a long time, like Roxy was.) So what did I adopt? Mr. Beans, a standard, weighing in at 22 pounds, at least a decade old, hard of hearing, arthritic and with bad teeth. Well, he is black and tan.

Sabrina and Frank get to know each other

When we got home, Frank N. and Sabrina met without incident and had a major getting-to-know-you-back-there session, learning all sorts of things about each other. Frank then tried to assert his will by mounting Sabrina many times over, but she finally put her paw down. The next day, he didn’t even try once. So I think that little dance of dominance is done.

Practicing the ramp to the couch

Sabrina then decided to show Frank how the ramp to the couch works in the living room. He hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it, but he’s getting there. He also is still figuring out where to best jump off and back onto the low deck to the back yard. He loves the yard, fully fenced in and filled with new sights and smells. He also loves Q-Kitty, but she does not yet love Frank, though they did get nose to nose briefly. Frank has not barked yet, but I assume he knows how. All in all, he is very laid back.

The first weigh in: 22 pounds!

Just as Sabrina was, Frank is a big block o’ dach, and needs to shed a few pounds. He’s several inches longer than ‘Briner and his paws and head are about 25 percent bigger, so I’m not sure what he should weigh. But 22 is most definitely too much. Whoa! We will start shedding the ounces slowly and safely until Frank is at his fighting weight (16-18?). We’ll keep you posted. (UPDATE: His healthy weight is around 20. He’s a big boy!)

Meanwhile, if you’re in the ‘hood, come say hi!


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