You’ll get a charge out of this

The Fatcat ChargeCard

I don’t do much product testing, because, frankly, there are just way too many products out there in the world. But the Fatcat ChargeCard distributed by Mango International appealed to me, and so I gave it a try.

The just-under 2-x4-inch device, billed as the lightest, slimmest portable charger available, allows you to charge your gadgets on the go, especially helpful if you can’t find a power source, don’t have time to sit there while charging, or are in a country or outdoor setting where power is unavailable. The card weighs 2 ounces and is a quarter of an inch thick. It has a 2000 mAh lithium battery, twice the capacity of the typical cell phone battery, and comes outfitted with tips to fit a variety of popular cell phones, smartphones, iPods, GPS units, etc.

When I opened the bag that came with the card, the array of plastic connectors made me shudder. Yep, we have way too many products and gadgets and not enough standardization.

So after giving it a try, here’s what I’ve concluded. If you are usually working on the road, this is a product to consider purchasing. I’ve seen it sold online from $30 to $50. Of course you have to keep the charger charged, and you have to remember to bring it with you. If you’re not on the road that much, it’s probably not worth the hassle, except in those cases where you wish you had it with you. That’s the thing with gadgets.

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