We toyed with tradition, but fair still delivers

A Ferris wheel is still without seats a few hours after opening of the state fair

We tried a different tactic this year at the NC State Fair. After years of shuffling through the crowds, last week we arrived two hours after the fair opened its fall run. It was so squeaky clean you could smell detergent more than you could fried, greasy things. This was a little disconcerting. It was so uncrowded you could walk anywhere without bumping into anyone. This was a little depressing. The food lines were so short, you didn’t have time to work up an appetite. This was a little deflating. So, while we won’t go on a Saturday night, ever, we’ll likely skip opening day next year.

The Krispy Kreme burger has a star role

Still, we enjoyed ourselves. We saw the new Krispy Kreme burgers, got our free satchels at the Time Warner tent (although do I have any fondness for TW? No!), scarfed down some kettle corn, bought some fried frito pie thing that wasn’t very good, and finally found Joe’s Diner’s one-pound hotdog, which we wanted to meet, not eat. Wessel did enjoy the more reasonable quarter-pound version. We digested our intake while wandering through the Village of Yesteryear, the Got to be NC exhibit, the photos and art and of course the midways.

Youngsters with their lambs look hopeful while a judge inspects the animals

The two places that were crowded and lively — the State Fair Ark at the Exposition Center and the Livestock and Poultry in the Jim Graham Building — were holding several youth competitions. I chatted with a mom from Elizabeth City whose 13-year-old daughter was showing her lamb in one event and then quickly scurrying over to another building to show her goat. It was fascinating to watch the judges check the animals’ posture and muscle tone and the kids’ showmanship and control. How proud those children and their parents must be to show at the state fair! And if they win, well, all the better. Just seeing adolescents and teens being a part of something that’s not about TV, texting, shopping, and the kids themselves, well, that warmed my heart.

North Carolina apples as far as the eye can see

We also enjoyed the big and not-so-big veggies, the lovely array of apples, mostly from western NC, and the hay competition. Yup, hay.

Now get yourself to the fair! You have until Sunday, Oct. 24.

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3 Responses to “We toyed with tradition, but fair still delivers”

  1. Alice Charkes Says:

    The Krispy Kreme burger took me a second to get. And then when I did, I had to stare and then scroll down the page as it was just too disgusting. Olivia was also repulsed. What will creative American entrepreneurs think of next?

    • didaniel Says:

      For meat eaters, of which you are not one, I realize, I like the idea of savory and sweet together. Not that I’d actually eat one of these because there’s just waaaaaaaay too much sugar in it for me. And I’d skip the lettuce and tomato. But I do get how it could actually be tasty. But, yeah, the stunt appeal, i.e. “what crazy thing can we do next?” is annoying. But certainly not limited to Americans!

  2. Lauren Says:

    Yes! Too bad every school kid in America doesn’t have a farm animal to care for. I was a city kid, but I can only imagine the sense of confidence and responsibility that caring for an animal builds in a person.

    Loved the Krispy Kreme burger too.

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