Hup Oranje hup! A Dutch victory!

Wessel cheers on his national team from Indian Rocks Beach, Fla.

We haven’t had great weather in rainy Florida this week, but we did have one big treat: the Netherlands made the World Cup final match for the first time since 1978! Woo-hoo. Today’s score: 3 to 2, beating  Uruguay. We don’t even have cable at home, but here in Florida we have an array of channels for our renters, including, of course, ESPN. Lucky us. We’ll be back in North Carolina for the championship game on Sunday. Germany or Spain, here we come!

Dutch players rejoice after referee finally calls the game

The Netherlands celebrates in Amsterdam after the big win

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6 Responses to “Hup Oranje hup! A Dutch victory!”

  1. boldlygosolo Says:

    Been thinking about you and the Dutch team. Woo hoo!

    Although I also have an Argentinian friend here who was hoping for South American dominance. I’m surprised how many people I know with connections to various teams. It’s fun.

    But here I’ll say, go Orange! I mean, Oranje!!!

  2. didaniel Says:

    Dank u wel, Ellen!

  3. karel Says:

    What a quick reaction you made on the Uruguai match. I guess the team could not have been back in the hotel and you refered on the outcome.
    But now next: The final match with Spain has a special background. As you might know, the dutch national anthem speaks about “De koning van Hispanje heb ik altijd geëerd” (i.e The King of Spain I always gave my honour) That’s what the founder of The Netherlands, Prins Willem van Oranje, stated (about 1580). But: On the other hand, some 100 years later the dutch admiral Piet Hein conquered a spanish fleet that transported silver that was ‘found’ in South America. In my younger years we sang in school: Have you heard of the silver fleet, the silver fleet of Spain. They had many matten? aboard and apples of orange.
    And nowadays the dutch like to have holiday in Spain (olé) and the spanish come to the Netherlands to buy socker-players.
    You see Diane, between the two countries there has been a kind of love-hate relationship during history. But I can assure, that when coming sunday for the match Nederland-Spanje the Wilhelmus will be played all the dutch team will sing: “de koning van Hispanje heb ik altijd geëerd”

  4. didaniel Says:

    Thanks, Karel, for the mini-lesson. We can’t wait for the game tomorrow!!!

  5. didaniel Says:

    Well, the game didn’t have the outcome we wanted, but we’re still so proud of the Dutch team. And, hey, they did beat Germany!

  6. Roman Plotts Says:

    Brazil should host the Fifa World Cup 2018. Brazil would win the title this time!

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