Winter Olympics, North Carolina style

Yay! We got our first substantial snowfall since moving here from New England in 2003. As you can see below, our low-riding dachshunds were not pleased, but Wessel and I rejoiced, along with much of North Carolina. Durham, where we live, got seven inches, which almost — don’t laugh — qualified it for the top-10 snowfall list started in the 1920s. (The record is 14 inches, in 2000.) We still have our cross-country skis, minus one pole (oops) and managed to ski out the back door both Saturday and Sunday. Temps climb into the 40s this week. Farewell, old friend! 

Sabrina was not amused when she ended up belly deep in the white stuff

Wessel swooshes down a hill on one of our neighborhood streets

If you don`t own snow boots, just make them! (We spotted several of these)

Diane puts her keen herringbone skills in place up this tiny golf-course hill

Diane lobs a snowball at Wessel, plucked from the mountain formed by a plow

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6 Responses to “Winter Olympics, North Carolina style”

  1. Karen Says:

    This was a GREAT way to start my day…vicariously enjoying your delight in snow!
    Thanks for posting!

  2. didaniel Says:

    Thanks, Karen. Wessel is out there again. He has a snow day from work! Love that!

  3. Whitney Says:


    The snow was amazing! My roommates and I found some hills in a hoity-toity neighborhood nearby and went sledding. We achieved breakneck speeds, even.

    The pictures are wonderful (poor doggies!) and hope everyone’s doing well,

    Whitney Baker

  4. Lauren Says:

    Fun posting and neat pics. That’s a very decent snow fall you had. People in DC are now shoveling out their cars. But I’m not sure what they plan to do with them after that. Roads are barely plowed.

  5. didaniel Says:

    Sounds both exciting and foreboding! You’ll catch cabin fever soon… Amazingly, one week later we still have a few patches of snow on the ground. I wonder how long it will stay there.

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