White stuff blankets parts of North Carolina

White wonderland near Warrenton, NC

While I realize the snowstorms this week in the Midwest and the Northeast can be dangerous and are not necessarily desired by most people, Wessel and I have snow envy! We love watching it fall and playing in it. (We’ll ignore the driving and shoveling for now.)

So when we came upon this awesome white wonderland outside of Warrenton, North Carolina, a couple days ago, we took a cotton to it. OK, it’s not snow, and it’s grown with chemicals, but ain’t it purdy? North Carolina is fifth in cotton production in the country, and we’re proud of it. (Except for those pesky chemicals.)

This is how your T-shirt starts

If you’ve never seen a cotton field just before fall harvest (most are harvested by now; not sure why this one isn’t), put it on your list. I’ll tell you where to go. It’s quite a sight.

Have cotton envy yet?

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3 Responses to “White stuff blankets parts of North Carolina”

  1. boldlygosolo Says:

    Very cool. I have never seen cotton growing. Thanks for the close up photo.

  2. didaniel Says:

    I’ve told the tourism folks here that they need to set up cotton tours. Most people haven’t seen it grown, and when they do, they get very excited!

  3. Karen Says:

    Loved this! Love the photos!
    Thank you!

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