Happy Fourth in photos

Most of America’s patriotic songs are about appreciating the wonders of our country, “from sea to shining sea.”  Wessel and I often travel over the July Fourth holiday, and usually to small towns. This year, we’re off to Waynesville, NC, in the shadow of the Smoky Mountains. Here’s a little photo homage to some Independence Days past, in cities large and small, at home and away. Where will you be this weekend?

Fireworks Boston

Boston Harbor in 2003, my last summer there, and Wessel's first and final

Uncle Sam in parade in Hingham, Mass.

Uncle Sam (really) at a parade in Hingham, Mass., 2003. Is he still around?

Wessel celebrates Fourth with socks

Dutch citizen Wessel practices his American patriotism

Celebratory glasses

Diane allows pal Alison Carpenter the honor of wearing her Fourth shades

Community band plays along banks of Ohio River in Paducah, Ky., 2007

Community band plays along banks of Ohio River in Paducah, Ky., 2007

Indepence Day yard props

Festive Independence Day decorations adorn a home in Wilmington, NC

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2 Responses to “Happy Fourth in photos”

  1. Karen Says:

    LOVED these fotos! That Boston Harbor/fireworks is a great shot – and not an easy one to get.
    I do take issue with your statement that it was taken on your “last” and Wessel’s “final” 4th of July in Boston. Boston is worth coming back to! ;¬)

  2. karel Says:

    Sorry Diane that I didn’t notifie this FeedBlitz earlier. but anyhow:
    I’m wondering what this patriotism is about. Up to world-war II this phenomenon was in The Netherlands as well. In primary-school we teached to sing about “Koningin en Vaderland” (Queen and Patria).
    But nowadays people get into fire at soccer-games and during the Olympics.
    We were singing: “Hollands vlag, jij bent mijn glorie”(Dutch flag you are my splendour). But now I don’t care about the flag. Except when it is eaten by Brussels (the palace of the European Dragon).
    Perhaps it is the lack of believe in…. Yes in what

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