To Delta: it shouldn’t be so difficult

I’m fuming about Delta‘s online SkyMiles redemption, which took us 2.5 hours to complete. That was half our afternoon.

Amsterdam, a pie in the sky?

How hard could it be to get to Amsterdam on the same flight? Very, it seemed.

Wessel and I tried to book November flights to Amsterdam  by sitting side by side at our respective laptops, plugging in the same information. On most tries different flights were showing up on our screens. We’d try again and then a new set of flights would show than before, and again different on each of our screens. Ridiculous. So we called to make reservations on the phone — for $20 a pop. We were still working online as well, and voila, we each got the same flights on our screens. So we decided to go ahead and book our flights online. We were plugging in our info. and I was actually ahead of him. Just as I entered my credit card info., it said the flight was no longer available. However, it went through on his end.

Booking two Delta tickets online turned out to be a  heavy lifting activity

It takes heavy lifting to book two matching Delta awards tickets online

So now I was locked out and he had a flight. I tried a few more times. Nothing. So I called customer service and asked if we could change his flight and we’d start over with a new itinerary and book both our flights on the phone. To change his flight would be $100, they said, and they wouldn’t waive it, though they had the power to. I spoke with a supervisor who finally, after hearing me cite “total unfairness” a dozen times, said “since you booked online, the online department can void the transaction.” Um, thanks for telling me — finally!

Of course, who knew if the the online department *would* cancel the transition. Guess what? They did! I think mostly because Wessel is a “silver platinum member.” That seemed to impress them.

Good Goes Around! Really?

Delta should practice what it preaches and spread a little goodness around

So, we started over. This time on the phone. No way were we going through that online hell again. I got a totally on-the-ball agent who, after going through some similar frustrations we did, booked us tickets. Wouldn’t you know that the number of miles needed went up on one of them. Just like that.

Here’s what really bugs me. Delta charges $20 to book on the phone instead of online, but it’s impossible to book two matching tickets online. Grrrr….

Moral of story: if you’re trying to get on the same flight but paying separately, HOLD one, don’t buy it, until you know you can get the other. However, does a hold really guarantee a price? I have my doubts.

Bottom line: It shouldn’t be this difficult. It’s disgusting to charge $20 to book on the phone when booking online seems impossible. This is why I fly only Southwest when possible. No fees for changing flights. No phone fees. No second-bag fee, for that matter. I LUV Southwest even more now.

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4 Responses to “To Delta: it shouldn’t be so difficult”

  1. Karen Says:

    Good Grief!
    And how amazing that you’re booking November flites already! 5-10 years ago we could fly BOS-Amsterdam on Thanxgiving for about $200 (non-stop on NWA). Plane was half empty…but last few years fares have not dipped for the holiday and flite has been full….sigh.
    We’re back from Myanmar — stay tuned for fotos!

  2. Joanne Mattera Says:

    Don’t fly Delta!

    I used to be a loyal Delta customer. Flew Delta everywhere, massed a lot of miles. Then every time I wanted to use those miles, no seats. And as an artist, I’m fairly flexible as to when I leave.
    Bottom line: Now I will go out of my way to take another flight.

    I have been proudly Delta-free for five years.

    • didaniel Says:

      Isn’t that a sad commentary on the state of airlines in general, and Delta specifically? I wonder if they still use their old motto of “Delta is ready when you are.” I’m thinking not. That would take too much gall. Though if anyone plenty of gall to go around, it’s Delta.

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