Sunsets: solar energy for the eyes

There are fans and critics of daylight saving time, which starts THIS weekend in the United States (go here to see DST rules worldwide), but I think we can agree that pretty much everyone loves a good sunset.  Here are a few of our favorites, all taken by Wessel:

The sky is on fire over Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Sky is on fire over the lesser-known side of Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Midnight sun as seen on the Lofoten, Norway

The ever-blazing midnight sun as seen on Norway's Lofoten islands in June

Sunset over marshy area connecten with Lake Gaston, VA

Diane's favorite colors combine in this stunning show near Lake Gaston, Va.

Heron during a PS sunset experience in Florida

A heron poses in the afterglow of a sunset over Cayo Costa State Park, Fla.

Roxy outshines her celestial competitor

Roxy outshines her celestial backdrop at Indian Rocks Beach, Fla.

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3 Responses to “Sunsets: solar energy for the eyes”

  1. eperlman aka Says:

    Gorgeous photos. I particularly love Lake Gaston. But give some love to the photographer. I don’t see the credits! Though I suspect I know who “made the pictures.”

    • didaniel Says:

      Ack. Good point. I’ll do that now. Of course they were taken by the one and only Wessel Kok. He did, btw, steal my Lake Gaston sunset location. I’d taken a similar sunset photo there when I was alone and he liked it so much he went back to the same spot. Indeed, his photo (and I suppose his sunset) was more brilliant.

  2. karel Says:

    Sorry for you Diane. But words cannot describe the feeling that is overwhelming you the last second when the glow of the sun is burning out. Not a rational thought, but deep in your mind you hope the sun will return tomorrow. Only the image of the ulimate second can describe what you feel.

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