Obamarama: a year of Durham, NC, images

From Durham, North Carolina, we salute Barack Obama, our nation’s first African-American president. In my 51 years, never have I seen such excitement about a president taking the oath of office. And let’s not forget Barack’s awesome partner, Michelle. The entire to-do is electric, unforgettable, and over-the-top exciting. Thank you MLK, and everyone who played a part. (I must add that Mother Nature is celebrating by giving us a white Inauguration Day — our first measurable snowfall here in a few years!)

Beyond color, we honor a person we think is a wonderful leader, someone who has the opportunity to take this country boldly into the 21st century in a way that hasn’t yet been accomplished.

In the spirit of Obamania, here are a few photos Wessel has taken over the past year:

NC License Plate B OBAMA

NC license plate seen in Goldsboro (OK, not Durham but close)


Homemade sign in Watts-Hillandale neighborhood

Obama windscreen cover

Creative use of windshield shade spotted on Morgan Street

People in downtown Durham

Election-night party in downtown Durham; Obama was leading

This T-shirt was a hot commodity in Durham

Blue Coffee Cafe T-shirt was a hot commodity in "the Bull City"

Inauguration traffic blues

Inauguration excitement reaches I-85 in Durham


4 Responses to “Obamarama: a year of Durham, NC, images”

  1. Soul of Sydney Says:

    Very interesting post, thank you for sharing..

    peace and many blessings from Sydney Australia,

    i have been looking for ineresting obama pictures similar to this,
    do you mind if I ink to some of those pictures as part of an Obama funk and soul tribute mix @

    im looking to do part 2 of this mix & would like to add some imaged to podcast post with the mix if possible,


    • didaniel Says:

      Glad you like the images all the way in Sydney. Hmmm… that link isn’t working. You can use images *if* you credit Wessel Kok, either on each image or at the beginning or end of podcast. We’re a professional writer/photographer team, so that would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Whitney Says:

    Wow! There was really inauguration traffic on 85? What day was that?

    Craziness. I guess I didn’t think about traffic issues because everyone I knew/read about was taking the bus or the train.

    • didaniel Says:

      Nice to hear from you, Whitney! Well, I think the signs were a little dramatic, but traffic did pick up on I-85, and certainly was packed on I-95. But, yeah, public transportation was the way to go!

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