Happy holidays, and my yearly card rant

In the mail, and now online, Americans love sending photo greetings for the holidays. Although the poses can veer to the goofy or boring, I like these a lot — WHEN it’s the whole family in the picture. But every year I get photo cards with just the kids on them — often from people in other states whose children I have never even met!

Happy holidays - Prettige Feestdagen from Q-Kitty, Diane, Sabrina, Roxy and Wessel

Happy Holidays - Prettige Feestdagen from Q-Kitty, Diane, Sabrina, Roxy and Wessel

Parents, I want to see your offspring. I really do. But I want to see you, too. You’re my friends, not the kids. Just as I’m sure you’re dying to see how my wiener dogs have grown, aren’t you also wondering about Wessel and me? Has my double-chin spread?  (In the photo, left, Q-Kitty does her best to cover it for me.) Is Wessel’s hair even longer? (Yes!) Will I ever stop coloring my hair? (I did!)

So, thank you my pal Amy in Maine for continuing the tradition of sending family photos with you, Clarke, and, of course little Eli. (My how he’s grown! Eli, I mean. And do I detect some gray hair? See? Who wants to miss out on that fun!) Alice, thanks to you, Greg, and Olivia, too, for posing together.

OK, rant completed. And truly, I’m thankful to anyone who cares enough to send me any greetings.

Joy to the world, and stuff.



4 Responses to “Happy holidays, and my yearly card rant”

  1. boldlygosolo Says:

    Well, then, if you insist…Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    But I don’t know how to throw a photo in the comment section. ;-)

  2. Amy Says:

    Hi Di,
    Glad you liked the card and equally (not) glad you pointed out the gray hair!!!! My coloring appointment was two days after the pose!
    Speaking of which, where was my family card from you and Wessel???
    Love to you and yours (anyway).

    • didaniel Says:

      Amy! It was just a little joke. Actually, I wasn’t even talking about you! You might notice in my photos on the blog that my hair is now *very* gray. I’ve gone au natural, though it’s a slow process with long hair. So I have a rather ridiculous looking clear demarcation between before and after. Oh well….

  3. Amy Says:

    Diiiiiii! I was just kidding! I wish I could just give up on my hair coloring, but my gray is one of those ugly grays, not one of those pretty grays/whites I so admire. Plus, it’s not all gray, so it would look bad: wiry whites and frizzy dark brown. Yuck.
    Btw you look mahvalous in your photos. Same as you ever did!

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