Don’t take Clearwater hydrant for granite

Fire hydrant monument in Clearwater, FL

Fire hydrant monument in Clearwater, FL

Wessel has a knack for spotting all kinds of monuments, one of the many, many, many things that fascinates him. I usually can take ’em or leave ’em, but this one really amused me. He spied it in Clearwater, Fla., during one of our bike rides along the Pinellas Trail, a 45-mile-long paved rail-trail from St. Petersburg to Tarpon Springs. Usually firefighting monuments contain life-size statues of firefighters hauling giant hoses. But this dedication to Clearwater firefighters is more basic — it’s a fire hydrant. My first thought was why have a statue of a hydrant when you can see actual hydrants everywhere you look? But then it kind of grew on me.

The Clearwater Fire and Rescue Department

The Clearwater Fire and Rescue Department

Then when I read more about it in a government newsletter I found online, I was really charmed. The “sculpture” was initiated by a couple women in human resources at the Clearwater Fire & Rescue Department. The “artists” were city employees, i.e. it was a DIY effort. It’s an actual hydrant on a concrete base that was primed with a gloss black base coat then stippled with gray, white and silver paint to mimic granite stone. The base was done with the same faux finish. I had no idea it was a fake. It’s a lovely tribute to a very noble profession.

Apparently, the fire department dedicated the monument in 2000. Of course the obvious question is, have any dogs dedicated it as well? Now that would be a photo op!

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One Response to “Don’t take Clearwater hydrant for granite”

  1. karel Says:

    Even in a dull common vicinity you can discover beauties. If you want, of course ! Thank you Diane.
    By the way: is this related to pop-art ?

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