The egret has landed

Egret has landed on car at T-junction with Gulf Boulevard in Indian Rocks Beach

Admittedly, this is a pretty lousy photo, but you can see that a snowy egret has landed atop this car waiting at a stop sign at Indian Rocks Beach. After living in Florida for 13 years and now visiting for 20 more, I’d never seen such a thing. So while I was waiting behind this car and watched as the egret landed, I snapped a photo as quickly as I could. As expected, the egret flew off when the car started to move. (Had it not, well, that would have been beyond strange.) These beautiful shore birds are one of my favorite things about Florida. They hang out in people’s lawns, in parking lots, and of course along the water. But taking a break on a the roof of a car? That was a first.

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One Response to “The egret has landed”

  1. karel Says:

    Lucky you. But what does it mean. Is this another sign of climate-change ?
    Are they seeking people just to hide for the events that are coming ?
    What we call chance-hits are events of which we don’t know the cause.
    But accidentily ? I guess no.
    Although this seems to be cynic, but believe me: Your observation triggers me

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