You never sausage a place, part 2


Pedro at South of the Border

I really am not the type to steal headlines because, well, it’s not right and, honestly, I think I come up with pretty good ones of my own. But I’m stealing this one, for yet a second time, because it’s just so dang meaty.

Credit goes to the ad folks/billboard writers for South of the Border in Dillon County, South Carolina, which is absolutely one of the tackiest tourist traps known to humankind. It’s on I-95, just south of the NC line, I’m proud to report. Because as a North Carolinian, I’m glad it’s not in my state.

Thirty years ago I thought it was kinda cool in its kitschy-ness, but now I think it’s just kinda sad. Not to mention discriminatory against Hispanics, with its Pedro mascots and billboards that often mock Hispanic pronunciations. (“Cool eet with Pedro.”)

Petite Roxy on top of giant wiener dog statue (Click to ENLARGE)

Petite Roxy on top of giant wiener dog statue (Click to ENLARGE)

But, it does have its brilliant moments. Other than its “You never sausage a place” billboard, my favorite South of the Border offering has to be this giant wiener dog statue, which Wessel spotted next to the hot dog stand on the 350-acre complex. My sweet little Roxy (“the foxy doxy with moxy”) was game to hang out atop the humongous hot dog because she agrees there are certain photo ops that simply should not be passed up. And so she posed, with relish.

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4 Responses to “You never sausage a place, part 2”

  1. that girl Says:

    (Found you through the Tag Surfer) That picture of Roxy on top of the statue is fantastic! I’m sure my Casey doxy would take a leap off such a thing because he’s quite the dare-devil sometimes… AND he can’t sit still for 5 seconds.

  2. didaniel Says:

    Thanks! I did have to continually say “Stay, stay, stay, stay.” Thanks to obedience class some 10 years ago, she’s a pretty good stay-er, especially if she thinks a treat is coming.

  3. Karen Says:

    And I relish the days when there’s a blog update notice from you in my mailbox. This foto of Roxy made my day!
    The concept of kitsch vs. depressing came up this weekend when we went to one of the North End festivals. The cheesy mostly rigged carny games, blankets with cheap jewelry for sale, etc….with all their forced gaity, just brot me down when I had expected just the opposite. I usually go for this type of stuff but the festival was hardly festive –the vendors all looked tough and hard bent on making a buck.
    Happy Trails

  4. karel Says:

    Even in this modest enlarging-factor its clear that Roxy was thinking: “This is beyond my dignity. A Wiener is not related to a Hamburger”

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