Norway goes gaga over ‘Sex and the City’

Ad for Sex and the City on tramNorwegians seem as excited about “Sex and the City” as Americans are. Buses, taxis and subway stations are plastered with “Get Carried Away” (get it?) billboards touting the opening of the movie. On Friday, when the film debuted here, a bar held a “Sex and the City” happy hour, featuring “rimelige” (discount) cosmopolitans. On Saturday we saw gaggles of galpals pour out of the theater after a showing.

Wessel’s big thrill for the weekend: he found a 50-Kroner bill on the ground – a whopping $10. Woo-hoo! Saturday he found a 10-NOK coin, worth $2. He’s on a roll!

Kafe CelsiusOur most enjoyable night out was in the happenin’ courtyard at Kafe Celcius near the harbor. I had the mussels appetizer ($20) with a glass of white wine ($13) and Wessel had spareribs, of all things ($40), along with a $12 beer, covered by his big finds. Not so expensive by Norsk standards. Last night at a less-remarkable place I had a $30 Greek salad and Wessel had a $40 Turkish chicken meal. I slowly sipped a $14 wine and Wessel savored his $12 beer.

Speaking of beer and wine, we keep arriving just a little late. On Thursday night, we tried to buy beer (a bargain $5 for a tall can) at the supermarket at 9 p.m. They stop selling it at 8 p.m. We were prepared for the weekend, when they stop at 6 p.m. We went at 5 p.m. Saturday to buy a Diane tests shopping basket on wheelscouple beers and a bottle of wine only to discover that you can purchase wine only at the liquor store, which, on Saturday, closes at 3 p.m. I wonder if all these restrictions keep alcoholism and drunken driving down. They’re certainly cutting down on my intake.

Speaking of shopping, cool supermarket invention: Plastic shopping baskets here have long handles and wheels if’n you’d rather roll it than carry it. Are you listening, Whole Foods?


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2 Responses to “Norway goes gaga over ‘Sex and the City’”

  1. Karen Says:

    Q. What makes a Dutchman (and Me!) happier than finding money in the street?
    A. Absolutely NOTHING!

  2. Kristin Thalheimer Bingham Says:

    Hi Diane,
    Magically, just after reading your last posting, there were little pully shopping baskets at Shaws in Cambridge (Mass not UK :O). I felt well informed about what they were. THANKS!


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