Cool stuff in (very) warm Oslo

Finally, we’re in Oslo, where it’s sunny (until 10 p.m.) and unseasonably warm (until Tuesday). Woo-hoo!  To catch folks up, we barely made our connector flight at Newark Wednesday night. There was no Delta agent on hand to help with connections, though that had been promised. We discovered that we needed to go to another terminal, which meant going outside and back through security. Ridiculous setup. We were running through the airport like fools, but it paid off, with only minutes to spare. Had we been out of shape, we wouldn’t have made it.

I could gripe further about snippy Continental flight attendants or how I didn’t sleep at all (unlike Mr. Snooze-o-rama Wessel), but let’s focus on the positive, shall we?

How about, do enjoy your $4 a gallon gasoline, because it’s about $13 a gallon in Norway.

Some other random tidbits:

Ceramic sculpture in window of Galleri FormatCoolest art gallery/shop: Galleri Format, which sells work by members of the Norwegian Association of Arts and Crafts. The association runs a store in Bergen too.

National Opera House in Oslo, NorwayCoolest building design: National Opera House, opened in April 2008. Angles and curves gloriously mingle, while walkable roofs attract a vibrant stream of visitors.

Oddest B&B: Stage Café B&B, an old ship that’s a B&B, café, and small-production theater. You gotta love it. A bonus: It looks out onto the Opera House.

Detail of National Opera House atriumYou know you’re not in the US when: women’s restrooms stay open while male maintenance workers clean and restock them; women breastfeed in very public places; a 20-minute taxi ride from airport to city costs $130 to $150 (we took the $35 train) and a small salad costs $20.

Friday day is a work day, but tonight we’ll celebrate the weekend with $12 beers!


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