Book o’ the week: a great girl-grad gift

You know what’s going to happen? I start a Book o’ the Week thingie and miss a week and then what? Well, it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

Book cover of The Girlo Travel Survival KitSpeaking of risk, I’m here today to hawk “The Girlo Travel Survival Kit,” by Anthea Paul, and it’s not just ‘cuz I got a free copy. It’s because I get tired of hearing about the “risks” of international travel and I get pumped when I see books pushing travel, especially one aimed at girls and young women prepping for their first big journeys. Yes, travel and everything has its risks, but I’m a statistics kind of gal, not a fearful one. (As in, there’s a greater chance of getting killed on the highway than by a …. take your pick.)

Myself, I had two coming-of-age journeys. One was with my girlfriend Dee, when we flew from Florida to California and then to Vegas, and rented cars and drove the coast from SF to LA — at age 19! That was in 1977, and I planned the whole thing. Then in 1982 I went with college pals on the standard “We’re drinking wheat beer today so this must be Belgium” backpacking trip. I think it was for eight weeks, and I spent the final week on my own. Both were very cool times of fun and growth.

If you’re as old as I am (50) and daughterless (ditto) you likely don’t know about Paul and her “girlosophy.” She’s dished out her sassy, big-sister advice around other earth-shattering teen topics, namely romance, food, and soul-searching in seven earlier books

Author Anthea PaulI know this book is cool because the youthful graphics bug me, plus it talks about packing hoodies, tracksuits and iPod chargers. See what I mean? (Though I do have an iPod!) I love the funky color photos and the upbeat “get-going-girls” ‘tude. Leave it to those travel-crazed Aussies. (Paul lives in Sydney.)

Though Paul’s vibe is breezy, there’s substantial information here, on everything from choosing a destination, preparing, travel tips on the road, safety, and the shock of reentry. If you want to inspire a young woman to travel, give her this book!! (She’ll think you’re really cool, too.)

Deets: $19.95 in USA, published by Allen & Unwin, distributed by Independent Publishers Group. Please consider buying it directly from IPG at, 800-888-4741, or at your local indy bookstore!


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3 Responses to “Book o’ the week: a great girl-grad gift”

  1. Karen Says:

    Thanx Diane!
    This will be the perfect birthday gift for Jorie Beth (soon turning 16) – she’s one of the girls I took to Holland – yo those many years ago. Our next trip together is to the Mystic Aquariam in June for a “beluga encounter” – Jorie has become an Aquarium volunteer in Boston. She’s been a fish freak ever since I taught her how to snorkel (at age 5) on St. John, USVI.
    Happy Trails to You,

  2. didaniel Says:

    That’s great, Karen. And it’s so wonderful the way you’ve really helped instill a sense of adventure in her — and continue to do so!

  3. argon Says:

    Argon says : I absolutely agree with this !

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