Which airport line would you choose?

RDU - Raleigh Durham International AirportOur local airport, Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU) just became the seventh in the country to sign up for a new TSA (Transportation Security Administration) program that I think is oh so ridiculous. So does a TSA officer I spoke with before flying to Washington recently. It’s called the Diamond Self-Select Lane program.

The deal is that now some security-checkpoint lines are marked for the level of traveler — “expert,” “casual,” and “family.” Why not call the lines “I’m so savvy,” “I’m so slow” and “We’re those annoying people with kids.” Bottom line about the lines: people will go where the line is shorter. The security guy I (anonymously) chatted with said he and his co-workers think the self-selection system is useless.

Wessel and I didn’t get to witness the new lines firsthand because the program is in effect only in Terminal C and we were in Terminal A.  Get this: at RDU, there are two Terminal A buildings, one Terminal C building and NO Terminal B. What a joke. The good-for-nothing self-select lines are not in A, apparently, because the A checkpoint space is severely cramped.

An interesting local aside: while I was chatting with said TSA employee, he went off on a little tirade railing against the airport director and how “he won’t let us make improvements, even though we’d pay for them. He doesn’t like us messing with his airport.” He said the TSA wanted to take over a store space next to the checkpoint area in order to expand, on the TSA’s dime, but the director wouldn’t hear of it. According to this employee talking about Terminal A: “We have the worst security setup in the country.” Hmmm, guess I’ll pass that little nugget on to the local paper, just in case they care.

One Response to “Which airport line would you choose?”

  1. karel Says:

    hurrah, big brother is now that big that he is no longer invisible. This is no longer buraucracy, this bigbrothercracy. Just vague I remember an american writer who did prodict this to come.

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