Daisy, Daisy…

A December bicycle ride with Wessel in Florida along the always-relaxing 45-mile Pinellas Trail between Tarpon Springs and St. Petersburg brought a wiener-dog sighting! As my cycling pals know, if I’m tooling along and spot a dachshund, I yell out “wiener-dog stop” and everyone must dachshund Daisy with her parentsbrake. They indulge me only because it doesn’t happen often. We met Daisy “walking” with her parents on the paved trail. They live in Largo, but I didn’t get their names because I didn’t have a pen and paper. Bad, bad journalist….

Daisy is 12 and doesn’t like to walk, so her Dad carries her. Seems to me that if Daisy walked off a little of her extra weight, she might enjoy walking more. It’s a vicious cycle. Daisy has some vision problems, as well, but she clearly sees how much her humans love her. My Roxy (the foxy doxy with moxy) is also 12 and a black-and-tan miniature, but she’s in excellent shape, praise be to Dog.


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